To avoid being teased by Vega, eat it with a fork


Chickpeas are usually black chickpeas. It can be eaten salted, steamed or fried as it is firm and has no sweet taste.

Pudding is a Kerala seafood and black chickpea broth that adds a special flavor to the pudding. It is sprouted and added to salads. Cartridge broth, featured in soups.


Black chickpeas are rich in folic acid-based folate and magnesium. It is a noble food that controls homocysteine, the cause of heart attack, and protects against disease.

It is high in phytochemicals such as folic acid, an antioxidant essential soap for pregnant women.

Diabetics can eat this regularly as it can improve glucose utilization.

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Soak the brown peanuts daily at night and eat it the next morning so that the digestive problems go away. Brown beans are high in iron, which increases the level of blood cells, prevents the possibility of anemia and increases energy in the body. People suffering from constipation should eat raw peanuts soaked at night and drink that water to get rid of constipation. It contains minerals like iron, sodium, selenium, a little bit of zinc, manganese and copper.

A cup of steamed black chickpeas provides 269 calories. At the same time, 15 grams of protein in it can provide 30 percent of the 2000 calories needed in a day in a healthy way.

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medicinal properties

Leave a little water in the immature chickpeas and the diarrhea will be controlled immediately.

Black chickpea hot water has the ability to correct urinary obstruction due to its diuretic action.


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