To control “black fungus”, do you know what to control?


"Black fungus"To control, do you know what to control?

Fungal infections cause black fungus or ‘mycorrhizal’ disease. This black fungus spreads easily to humans through fungi in the environment. This fungus enters the skin through cuts and burns and then spreads further on the skin.

Impact of black fungus in Tamil Nadu: 5 admitted to Chennai Government Hospital

This black fungus can easily infect corona patients who have problems including uncontrolled diabetes, high steroid intake, and immune deficiency.

The disease can occur during or after a corona infection. Symptoms include severe headache, swelling in the eyes, redness of the eyes, sudden loss of vision, sinus problems, pain in the nose, and blackening of the mouth and its surroundings.

Numerous ‘black fungus’ infections have been reported only in recent times due to corona virus infection, which affects the immune system. Since steroids like dexamethasone also paralyze the immune system, it is important to be extra careful about its use.

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This fungal infection affects humans when their immune system is weak. This infection affects the lungs and sinuses. The fungus also enters the body through open wounds or cuts.

Mycomycosis or ‘black fungus’ infection, which occurs in people with uncontrolled diabetes and in patients with long-term intensive care unit (ICU) COVID-19, can be controlled by controlling sugar.

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