To give alva to the delta virus of Corona, give this ‘T’ to the body


To give alva to the delta virus of Corona, give this ‘T’ to the body

The corona virus is rapidly consuming the lives of people around the world. On the one hand medical scientists are actively engaged in trying to find a vaccine and a cure to control this virus.

The food we eat not only helps in physical growth, strength and health but also helps in boosting good immunity. If our diet is rich in nutrients it can help combat the corona virus.

The corona virus usually has the potential to infect a person’s lungs and digestive tract. To counteract this we need to supplement our daily diet with protein, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin C, good fats and zinc.

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To give alva to the delta virus of Corona, give this ‘T’ to the body

Vitamin-D deficiency

In this case, the scientists of the University of East Anglia in the UK and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Foundation Trust in 20 European countries died of coronavirus due to which defect? According to a recent study, most people who die from vitamin-D deficiency are more likely to die from coronavirus.

They will recover soon

Scientists in the UK say, “Patients with coronavirus are more likely to recover faster if they get vitamin-D supplementation. This is because they are easily attacked by the corona due to this nutrient deficiency. The vast majority of the dead were people with very low levels of vitamin-D. ”

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Well, from what do you get the most vitamin-D?

* Naturally, a lot of vitamin-D is available to humans through sunlight.

* Fish contains vitamin-D in tuna, kala, kanang keluthi and sankara. Especially more in the gala.

* Orange juice, cereals, soy milk, cheese, mushrooms, egg yolk are also rich in vitamin-D.


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