To make the frozen mucus in the children’s chest go away, add this to the rice.


To make the frozen mucus in the children's chest go away, add this to the rice.

1. Eucalyptus leaf – 10, Adatodai leaf handle grind and put to debit at night. If you do so the next day you can see the mucus dissolving and forming in the nose. It is a simple medicine with no side effects.

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2. In a small frying pan, remove the coconut oil and heat the oil over medium heat. Add the camphor flakes and turn off the stove. When the heat cools the face, pod, nose, nose round. Apply lightly on the back, neck to chest. Do not use too much oil when applying to babies. Take care not to overheat. If you apply it 4 to 6 times a day, the mucus in the chest will dissolve no matter how hard it is.

Since it has a slight increase in body heat, you should drink hot water from time to time while using it.

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3. It is a hand remedy for small children. Even in the absence of side effects. Buy an earthen lamp and light a lamp with eucalyptus oil. Then apply good oil on the betel leaf and display it on the lamp. When the bleach is hot, put it on the chest in a tolerable suit. Use black betel.

Beetroot can dissolve and expel even the most tight mucus. And when you add good oil in it, the benefit is doubled. But these do not work immediately when there is too much chest mucus. Very slowly but completely dissolves the mucus and expels.

4. Both the leaves and the root of Adatodai are good medicine for colds. It is available in powder form in country drug stores. For boys, you can dip a quarter teaspoon of powder in honey. Children can also dip it in honey and rub it on the tongue. Adults can boil water like a tincture and drink it mixed with leaf or root powder.

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5. Basil is a medicinal herb that has anti-bacterial properties. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Pour water in a bowl and add basil leaves, a little cashew powder etc. and let it warm. The water can then be filtered and given to children. This water will make way for the mucus in the chest to run away. This basil water works not only for colds but also against many ailments like cough, runny nose and fever.

6. Lemongrass water is an excellent natural medicine that works against infectious diseases. Take the required amount of sweetness and add it to water and let it boil. Then come to drink this filtered water, chest cold will heal quickly. Read: Medicinal Benefits of Omam.

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7. Onions are germicidal. Small onions can be cut into thin slices and mixed with fries and given to children. It will be slightly alkaline. A small amount of palm jam can be mixed if required. This will dissolve the mucus in the chest and make way for it to exit.


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