Want long hair in 30 days Use this hairbag

Long dark hair is the choice of many women. But it is doubtful if everyone will grow long hair. The reason is that our eating habits, including genes, are the foundation of hair. Even vulnerabilities, including weak hair, dandruff, and lice infestation can lower self-esteem. As a result, many women think that they can grow their hair longer and thicker with some home remedies. In this news package you can find out how to grow long hair with hair pack at home.


People over the age of 10 can use this hair bag. Your hair growth will be faster if you use this hair pack for 4 weeks. But for dense results you will have to use this for 3 months.

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required things

*Dried curry leaves

*Dried red poppy flower

*Dried drumstick leaf

*Dried red poppy leaf

*Henna / dill powder

First grind the dried curry leaves and red poppy seeds into a powder in a mixer. Then you can grind drumstick leaves, henna, red poppy leaves together. This mixture can be mixed with water or yogurt and used once or twice a week for hairbags.

People with sinus can add dill powder instead of henna. You can also buy dried curry leaves, dried red poppy flower, dried drumstick leaf and dried red poppy leaf at local drug stores.

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