Water hut like this, do you know how to stay healthy?


Water hut like this, do you know how to stay healthy?

Ayurveda says that you can take medicine in water, take water as medicine, mix some herbs in it and drink it to get rid of many diseases. Let’s see what herbs can cure any diseases.

Water hut like this, do you know how to stay healthy?

Cumin water

Soak one gram of cumin in a liter of water and drink it to get rid of chest irritation, stomach ache, indigestion, bile and belching. Cumin is Seer + Agam = Cumin. It got the name cumin because it regulates the agave.

This means that cumin plays an important role in expelling the gases in our stomach. Its carbs and sweeteners cool the body and play an important role in digestion. Balances the bile. . Cures joint pain.

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Fennel water

A chemical in fennel that works against cancer. Stimulates nerve cells. It is better to drink boiled water with fennel before going to bed at night.

Fennel water

Dill is said to be the best water for diabetics as it reduces the amount of glucose absorbed excess in the gut. It also removes toxins from the body and cleanses the lymph.

Soak half a teaspoon of dill in a tumbler of water and drink it daily on an empty stomach the next morning to relieve anorexia and constipation. It also helps maintain the level of iron in our body, the level of hemoglobin, and purifies the blood.

மருதம்பட்டை நீர்

It plays a major role in the prevention of diseases caused by stress. Eliminates hemorrhage, palpitations, insomnia, diabetes problem etc. Gives great cooling to the body. Thus it is the best medicine for many diseases related to the intestines. You can soak this bark directly in water and drink it daily.

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Basil water

Basil leaves contain more than 200 chemicals. It has the power to kill bacteria. Therefore, it has the ability to resist most infections that occur in the airways. Soak five basil leaves in water and drink the water to cure colds, coughs and sneezes in winter.

நன்னாரி நீர்

There are 9 types of glucose in Nannari. Also it is a diuretic. Nannari root can be soaked overnight to cure urinary tract infections, water irritation and dehydration. Increases masculinity.

Gooseberry water

Gooseberry increases the amount of protein in the body, reduces fat and prevents obesity. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, it is better to cut the gooseberries into small pieces and soak them in water and drink it daily. Thus the bones are healthy.

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