Ways to protect the retina by preventing the virus from invading the eyes


Eye irritation is common in summers. When this is the case, take rose water, mix the lamp with it, touch it with a cotton cloth and place it on the eyelids to cure eye irritation. This treatment will also prevent some kind of virus from attacking the eyes.

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Go to the uterus:

Excessive television viewing and computer use can cause cervical cancer. Cucumbers should be cut into circles and placed on top of the eyes. Doing so will remove the cornea around the eyes.

Spacing required:

This mainly applies to everyone in today’s era. More space between our eyes and the TV is something that is necessary. Young people, especially those who work at the computer, need to reduce the amount of time they spend sitting in front of the computer, otherwise it is better to take a short break.

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Eye training:

This method can be said to be a simple tips that all doctors say. People who work in front of the computer for a long time to train the eyes for a while every day (eye problem solution in tamil). Very good. Move the eyes up and down for 20 minutes daily, rotating in a circular motion so that the eyes are unaffected.


The tears that the eyes need are only available because we drink water. So we need to drink plenty of water every day otherwise not only the eyes but also our body will become dry.

Foods that improve eye sight

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1. Wild Rose Tea

It contains Vitamins A, B1, B2, C, K, E, Iron, Manganese, Sodium and Calcium which provide the necessary elasticity when the eyes shrink and widen.

2. Coriander leaves

It also contains Vitamins A, B, C, E, Iron, Zinc and Lutein to reduce the effects of dust on the eyes.

3. Carrots

It’s something everyone knows. Vitamin A, beta carotene in carrots can help keep your eyesight balanced.

4. Broccoli

Broccoli corrects visual acuity caused by pressure on the eyes caused by excessive light in the eyes. It is rich in nutrients like Vitamin B, Lutein, etc.

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5. Fish

In fish in particular, gala fish and catfish can correct vision problems that occur after aging.

6. Avocado or Butter Brot

Vitamins B, C, E are all nutrients that enhance eyesight

Avocado contains lutein and beta carotene.

7. Peris

It contains anti-oxidants and rhodopsin nutrients which help in the formation of new cells in the body, increase blood flow and improve eyesight.


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