Ways to protect your children’s minds during curfews.



Parents should try to address the fears about corona that exist among children. Parents need to talk to their children about it in a confident way. Through it they can find a solution to their anxiety and depression. You can spend more time with grandparents than usual. Then the mask and the sense of security are very important because if the children do not have a proper understanding of the corona their mental health will be greatly affected.

Ways to protect your children's minds during curfews.

Confused moods can weaken children. Their activities will also decrease. In a tired mood, they will be seen with a mask. It will also affect their physical well-being. Talk to them from time to time to get rid of unnecessary clutter.

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Allow children who are paralyzed at home to do their favorite things. Let them function happily without worrying that the house will become rubbish. Then clean the house with them. Give gifts and praise them if they do their homework properly. Can lead to following health habits and understanding social responsibilities.

Parents can be encouraged to exchange information with friends and classmates through digital platforms. Communicating with friends online once a week will give their minds a boost.

‘Will the corona be affected if children have the flu?’ Don’t panic. It is normal for children under the age of two to catch the virus once every three months. So there is no need to be afraid of being a corona. As well as the immune system, the thymus gland can act as a bulwark for children. The thymus gland is also one of the reasons why the corona virus does not cause great harm to children.

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They become weak when unnecessary fear overwhelms the mind. Parents need to know what kind of fear is on their mind and try to overcome it. Only then will positive thoughts appear in their minds. Their growth will also be healthy. Otherwise fear and confusion will distort their mood. They will change to a fearful mindset no matter what. Then they will want solitude. Feelings of loneliness haunt them.


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