What is the way to escape the corona 2nd wave?


Corona second wave exposure is increasing day by day. A number of measures are being taken to curb casualties, from curfew control to an increase in the number of oxygen beds. However, the death toll continues to rise.

What is the way to escape the corona 2nd wave?

Many are terrified of not knowing how the corona got to them in the second wave. Infection spread to many people through the first encounter with a corona patient. But now that the mutated corona virus has spread many times faster, there is no way to tell how someone got the corona.

What is the way to escape the corona 2nd wave?

In this case, doctors say to stay at home without doing anything to prevent coronary heart disease. They suggest that the next four weeks are a good time to stay home as they are a very difficult time.

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The newly transformed corona is very fast spreading so should only go out if absolutely necessary.

I have to wear my 95 mask and above surgical mask when going out. Do not remove the mask for any reason while outside.

Hands should be washed with soap from time to time. Do not touch any objects outside the home. If so, wash your hands from time to time using a hand sanitizer.

After going out, take off your clothes and rinse. Wash and dry in a very safe manner.

This new metamorphosis infection also affects children. So, tell them about the vulnerability and symptoms.

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Get the corona vaccine as soon as possible.

Only by following these procedures seriously can you escape the 2nd wave infection!


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