What should corona patients monitor?


The corona virus has caused a great deal of stress to many people. Many are paralyzed at home. Although the corona vaccine is a star of hope it is not known when it will be available to everyone. Due to the lack of proper monitoring and treatment, many deaths have become inevitable.

What should corona patients monitor?

Let’s look at what not only corona patients, but everyone who is in the early stages of corona infection, and those who come to Corona and are in self-isolation at home need to do to monitor their physical condition.

What should corona patients monitor?

Patients at home should monitor their heart rate, blood oxygen level, body temperature and blood pressure daily.

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BPM PR is a measure of how many times the heart beats per minute. You can see the heartbeat on the pulse oximeter. This can be 100 – 160 per minute for children. Boys – Girls can be 60 to 140. Adults should be between 60 and 100.

Oxygen level (SPO2) means serum pressure oxygen. The red blood cells in our blood carry oxygen throughout the body. An oxygen meter can be used to determine the amount of oxygen carried. Normally it should be around 100 for everyone. It is normal if it is in the range of 95 to 100. 94 Going below that means not getting enough oxygen. If it goes below 90 percent you should seek medical help, which means urgency.

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Body temperature can be measured with a digital thermometer. You can measure body temperature by placing it in the armpit. Children up to 2 years of age should have a temperature between 94.5 and 99.2 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures range from 96.6 – 98 for 3-10 year olds, 95.3 – 98.4 for 11-65 year olds and 96.0 – 97.4 for over 65 year olds. If it is more than that it means fever.

Digital devices for diagnosing high blood pressure are currently on the market. Buy them and hold the tube-like strap in your hand and press the button to know the blood pressure. Blood pressure ranges from systolic 80-120 for children, diastolic 40-80, systolic 90-120 for adolescents, diastolic 50-80, systolic 120 for 19-60, diastolic 80 for under 60, diastolic 95 to 145, diastolic 70 Must be within -90.

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