Which mask is the best mask to prevent corona?


Corona virus is being studied around the world. Every day new information about the corona virus is released.

An update is coming in every second that the corona is spreading so fast and revealing new symptoms like this. Studies are also underway to see what can be done to prevent the spread of corona. According to it it was said that wearing a three layer mask can prevent the spread of corona. Researchers are now beginning to recommend a new five-layer mask.

Bhubaneswar IIT researchers have conducted research on what kind of mask to wear helps prevent the spread of corona. The experiments were performed with a variety of masks, including masks used during surgery, three-layer masks, and five-layer masks.

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The tiny droplets are capable of traveling up to four feet in five seconds through the air we breathe. Therefore, when we talk to others the ubiquitous corona germ is likely to spread to others through these droplets. Therefore, the study was conducted as to which mask would be right to face this.

Masks used during surgery in that way are not said to prevent corona spread. My 95 masks prevent water droplets from leaking. But, they are not able to prevent it completely. Analysts say water droplets are leaking through the gap between the nose and the mask.

At the same time they report that the droplet exit through the five-layer mask is severely blocked. Therefore, they say it is safe to wear a five layer mask. IIT Bhubaneswar researcher Professor RV Rajkumar said, “Studies are ongoing to determine the extent to which respiration contributes to the spread of corona. Normal masks that can be worn normally do not prevent the spread of corona. Water droplets are just coming out of it. The corona is more likely to be spread by these droplets. The five-layer mask is very safe and has very low droplet leakage. ”

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