Who should not drink nutmeg porridge?


In today’s news release we are going to look at nutmeg porridge. Can everyone drink nutmeg porridge? You can find out who can drink it in this news release. People with high blood sugar and high blood pressure are advised not to take porridge.

For people with high sugar and high blood cholesterol, choosing porridge may not be so good. They can be taken as a whole grain or as a snack. Porridge is not the right choice for people like this. Some people should not gain weight. Cereal porridge and oatmeal are taken to control the sugar level. Doing so is not so good for the body.

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But for children, teenagers without diabetes, cereal porridge is something that suits everyone. Who can take this porridge. If we look at who should not take it, people with problems including diabetes, skin disease, psoriasis can avoid taking it. People with skin diseases including psoriasis are advised to avoid rye, sorghum and maize. These were called cockroaches at the time. Some small grains like this can cause skin itching. As well as causing dry skin. So it is better for people with skin diseases to avoid this.

Nutmeg porridge is a great food for lean children, children without muscle cramps and those who are tired and fatigued. This porridge can be seasoned with a pinch of salt and eaten with jaggery or jaggery. It can be drunk like porridge without milk just without sugar. Sattumavu porridge can be used in the department, up to rice, corn, horsetail, snow. Some children may have indigestion and flatulence due to the high protein content of the porridge. To get rid of this flatulence, when you eat zucchini and cardamom along with nutmeg porridge, the immunity will increase.


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