Why does the corona come back even after vaccination? – Here is the answer to your question!


A question that is shaking the world right now. Why does the corona attack again after vaccination? The vaccine is ineffective without seeking an answer to this question; We easily pass by saying that it is of no use whether we put it on or not. We do not talk about how many people have benefited from the vaccine, even though we forget to talk about the arrival of the corona, especially after vaccination.

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If the corona comes back to one in 100 people who get vaccinated, we will brand the whole vaccine as waste. Why is Corona coming back as much as possible because we are the intelligentsia? It can be easily solved by examining where the mistake is going. The severity of the damage will not be as great if scientists and doctors come back to Corona; They say everyone should be vaccinated without hesitation.

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Unselfish request of selfless doctors

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RK Diman, director of a medical company. He and his wife were vaccinated against corona. Both, however, were re-infected. Similarly, Pipin Puri, a vice chancellor of a private medical college, was diagnosed with the infection on the 11th day of vaccination. Neither of them said the vaccine was ineffective.

Professor Radha Krishan Dhiman appointed director of SGPGI Lucknow
RK Diman

Instead, people are urging everyone to get vaccinated. They did not say so for no reason. They are confident that the vaccine will drive away the corona. Not only corona but any infection can be eradicated by vaccination. Examples are smallpox, smallpox, and juvenile argument. So people should be vaccinated with enthusiasm.

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Pipin Puri

Why does corona infection recur after vaccination?

In the medical world, recurrences are called breakthrough cases. Thus there are various reasons for infection. The primary cause is the misuse of the vaccine and the difficulty in administering it to the population. For example, without preserving the vaccine at the proper room temperature, the vaccine will go inside and stop working. Experts say this is the reason for the spread of the infection before the second dose.

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India's Covid vaccination drive: Over 1.9 lakh frontline workers get first  jabs on Day 1 | India News,The Indian Express

A hospital in the United States has apologized to its patients for not paying for the corona vaccine properly. This aside, low immunity is also said to be a factor. Age is also a factor in determining immunity. This suggests that the elderly and those with low immunity may be re-infected even after vaccination.

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How many days does the vaccine provide immunity?

Studies for this are ongoing. Researchers say that mutations in viruses can reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine. That is, we find and pay for the vaccine that destroys the virus that comes first. The vaccine will only work for that virus.

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Instead the vaccine stops working when the virus changes its shape and source. It is considered a good thing that the corona virus, which has now arrived, has not mutated its basic structure, the spike protein. The corona vaccine currently in use will boost the immune system for about 9 to 12 months, says AIIMS director Randeep Gularia.

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Rise in coronavirus cases expected to stabilise anytime soon: Niti Aayog  member VK Paul
VK Paul

What do Indian scientists say?

PK Gupta, a former president of the Medical Association of India and a doctor, said all recurrences of the disease have mild symptoms and some have no symptoms at all. He pointed out that the severity of the infection was greatly reduced after vaccination. VK Paul, a key member of the federal government’s Corona Prevention Committee, insists that we all must wear a mask despite vaccinations to protect ourselves.


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