Without going to the feeder, should the sample in the feeder be glucose? Here are some tips.

Usually, body heat increases during the summer and causes problems such as abdominal pain and pimples on the face. Therefore, it is very important to reduce the body temperature.

How to reduce body heat in tamil

Good oil:

Rub the good oil well on the head and soak the oil in the head for a while then take a bath in white water. Doing this once a week can reduce body heat.


Foods can also reduce body heat. Eating watermelon fruit daily will eliminate dehydration because it is high in water.


Eating cucumber, which is more available in summer, will reduce body heat. It has high water content which reduces body heat and also reduces dehydration.

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Melon Juice:

Palm fruit is one of the most useful fruits to reduce body heat. The water in it helps to increase the cooling of the body. Drinking melon juice daily can reduce body heat and increase cooling.

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If dill is eaten daily, the body temperature will decrease. It is one of the oldest natural remedies. Body heat can cause abdominal pain. Then eating dill will reduce stomach pain and lower body temperature.

How to reduce body heat in tamil


Radishes are high in water and rich in vitamin C so adding radish to the diet once a week will reduce body heat.


Soak the cumin in water before going to bed at night and boil the water the next morning and then drink it. Doing so will reduce body heat.

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Pomegranate fruit:

Pomegranate fruit is high in water nutrients so if you drink pomegranate juice daily, your body temperature will drop faster.

Young water:

It is a well-known fact that drinking young water lowers body temperature. If you drink young water daily, your body temperature will drop rapidly.

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It is better to include whey in the diet than yogurt. Drinking a tumbler of buttermilk daily will reduce body heat.

Cold milk:

If you mix honey with cold milk and drink it, your body temperature will drop fast.


Mint is very used to reduce body heat naturally. Drinking mint juice daily will reduce body heat.

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