Work from home makers should follow all of this!


Work from home has become inevitable in today’s era. Many people get up in the morning, get up fast, get tired of the traffic, go to the office, and leave home at 6 in the evening. Currently, work from home has changed our lifestyle so that we wake up late in the morning, log in urgently and go to sleep late at night.

Work from home makers should follow all of this!
Work from home makers should follow all of this!

Psychiatrists and doctors say that it is better to follow all this even if you are working from home. Let’s see their recommendation

Make it a habit to get up at the same time every morning. If we only get up at seven, we have to get up at seven every day, finish our morning credit, take a shower, dress nicely and log in to the office on time. Never change this habit.

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Keep notes of what you learned from the process. Do not think that you have to finish everything in one day. Try to do what you can.

It is customary to have tea, coffee break, lunch break, and then tea and coffee break in the evening while in the office. Follow it at home.

Do not sit in front of the computer or laptop for a long time. Get up and walk for an hour or an hour and a half.

Do not sit still when the phone call comes. Go for a short walk home. This regulates the blood flow in the body.

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Those who can sit in a room alone and look at work. Avoid sitting in the bedroom, hall and working. Our brain does not readily accept it when lying down at work. Sleep is likely to be affected.

Discussing with friends in the evening, it might have been customary to go to the gym. Now is not the time for that in Corona. You can practice at home. Have fun talking to family. Can help prepare dinner.

Switch off your laptop or computer after work. If the main mail arrives, you can check it on your mobile. Never sit in front of a light curtain.

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We do work from home. So do not decide to skip this vacation and go abroad and go home. The situation will change and if you continue to work it will give you extreme fatigue. Take a break for yourself without knocking.


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