You just need a ventilator to get rid of it


Tulsi has the ability to cure many diseases in Tamil medicine. Tulsi, also known as the “Queen of Herbs”, is also known as the “Queen of Oxygen”.

Basil is good for colds. All fevers are bound to basil. Basil absorbs more carbon dioxide than other plants and releases oxygen.

Regular consumption of water soaked in basil can help prevent diabetes.

In summer, put a little basil leaf in the bath water the day before to avoid the stench of body sweat.

Basil leaves can heal eczema and rashes on the skin for many days.

People with urinary disorders should grind basil seeds well. Also, the problem is that the body needs to drink enough water.

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Basil leaves have the power to cure autism, neurosis, memory loss, asthma, cough and other throat ailments.

Chewing basil leaves daily will cure all diseases like small intestine, colon, stomach related diseases and bad breath.

Add basil leaves and lemon juice and grind like a paste to cure skin diseases. Grind the basil leaf with the minced paste and rub it on the affected area.


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