Are we in a hurry in the case of Dhanush Karnan Lament as if not even half of the pot will come


The next movie that fans and theatergoers are looking forward to is the Karnan movie starring Dhanush. Jagame Tantram, already starring Dhanush, was said to be a theatrical release till the end.

But as Netflix made more profit than the theatergoers, producer Y Not Studios Sasikant Nega threw the film to Netflix and saw good profits.

Though there is a difference of opinion between the producer and Dhanush on this matter, the talk is now that the producer’s decision is correct. There is a reason for that.

The next movie to hit the theaters is Dhanush starrer Karnan. Thanu is currently in business for this film. Earlier, it was reported that the profit would be up to Rs 25 crore. That is not entirely true.

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Dhanush’s Jagame Tantra was bought by Netflix for less than half the price, while Karnan’s was not available in the film. Without saying this, Jagame is wondering if the trick can be given on the ODT site like in the movie.


Thanu is convinced that if we do that, we, the leading producers, will be able to make a profit or a loss in the theater so that we can earn the reputation of being the favorite among the fans.


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