Climax sotappalal soil kavviya pictures Heroes who disgusted the fans


Before the release of many films in Tamil cinema, we will now look at the films that failed to create great anticipation among the fans and then fail.

Magic Glass: Cheran can direct films with different stories in Tamil cinema. Magic Mirror is a film directed by him.

In the film, Cheran plays a saloon worker. Similarly the heroine will work in a saloon shop. Both of them aspire to a luxurious life and work as LIC agents and cinema for it.

maya kannadi

But eventually all the work will fail and they will come back to work in the saloon shop. But they would have taken it without guessing in the film that they would have to work hard and progress until the last. The film was a huge failure, generating great anticipation.

Bleeding: Kamal Haasan will be awarded the Gold Medal for his services in the climax scene of the bloody film. His son will take the gold medal to put in the car. Then Nasser’s son will fight Kamal Haasan’s son for revenge.

kamal haasan

kamal haasan

What is surprising is that Kamal Haasan will kill Nasser. The film ends immediately but unnecessarily some scenes of the film cause the film to fail.

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Ayogya: Ayogya is a failed film starring Vishal. In this film, Vishal changes from a villainous cop to a good one.



Vishal Azhar will then appear in court to seek revenge on the culprits. But there will be support from many quarters for the criminals to escape. So that the criminals should not be attacked, Vishal will say that I am an accomplice of the criminals and he will be punished along with the criminals.

But in reality the policeman’s testimony is not valid as far as the court is concerned. But they would have finished the film by falsely portraying it in the film. The film failed miserably.

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Sammy 2: The first part of the movie Sami 2, directed by Hari and starring Vikram, was a huge success and Hari directed the second part. But Hari put so many scenes in the film that many fans regretted that we went to the Anda film. It was only a few hours later that many knew that Vikram had played a double role. To that extent, many did not understand who Vikram is, who is the father and who is the son in the film.

Not only that, Keerthi Suresh will get down in a helicopter to tell his love and fall in love with Vikram. Even true lovers hate watching this movie and falling in love with Anda.

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Not only that but the verse in the film that says I am not a Sami troll is all that the fans are less likely to hit in the head. And when a person is sitting in a party meeting then the current is cut and the mobile light is visible on the person’s shirt and immediately our hero Vikram looks at the light in the cell from a distance and shoots the person as Damal. I have to say that after watching all this, many fans ran away without sitting in the film.


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