Ramcharan poses rudely with a bow like Ram Rajamavuli’s viral RRR movie poster


Rajamouli is the highest grossing director in Indian cinema. Bhagwati is world famous for his films Bhagwati 2.

Rajamouli made the announcement of his next film now a few months back after the Bhagwati films. In it, Telugu superstar actors Jr. NDR and Ramcharan co-starred in the film RRR.

After Bhagwati, Rajamouli has spent nearly Rs 400 crore to direct Ratham Ranam Routhiram (RRR) with leading actors of Telugu cinema. It has been officially announced that the film will be released on October 13, 2021.

The characters of Ram Charan and Jr. NTR have been designed differently in this film which has created huge anticipation in Indian cinema.

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The RRR crew has released a new poster for Ramcharan’s birthday today. In it Ramcharan holds a bow in his hand and poses like Ram.


Fans are thrilled to see Ram Charan in the role of Ram in Construction Mani. It is noteworthy that this poster has doubled the expectation on the film.


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