SJ Surya shared what are the two main reasons to hit the heart memorable hit


A few films will cause over-expectation at the very beginning. It is a project that was started at a time when there was a demand for comedy ghost films produced by Gautham Menon, directed by Selvaragavan and starring SJ Surya in the association of three directors.

The problems the film encountered were numerous or numerous. It has not been released since 2016. Despite many obstacles, the film was a theatrical release that relied on Selva’s fans without going OTT.

Surya was interviewed by a popular YouTube channel about the film. He said that these two are the main reason why the film became a hit.


First of all, Selva’s film was released so many years back and everyone liked the film. (There is a talk in Kollywood that fans are celebrating Selva’s film a few years later than the usual release time.)

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During the second lockdown, he said, many of the web series were seen and in the mood to support a different kind of new venture.


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