The actor who brought Rajinikanth to the sidelines Last but not least look at his situation


Many actors in cinema have faced various problems in the early days. But only one actor has encountered the problem in a different way. That is why Rajinikanth has tied the fans with his acting in Tamil cinema till today.

There was an actor in print back then who was just like him. He was initially praised for being like Rajini but has since faced many problems with Rajini. Let’s see who that actor is and what the issue is.

Nalinikant made her debut in Tamil cinema with the film Kadhal Kadhal Kadhal. He was also an important actor in those days. Because he has also acted in many films.

rajinikanth nalinikanth

rajinikanth nalinikanth

At that time, the fans were comparing Nalinikanth with Rajinikanth. Not only that, many fans were saying that Rajinikanth is doing the same as Nalinikanth.

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That is, Nalinikant is an actor with almost identical resemblance to Rajinikanth. Like Rajinikanth, Nalinikanth has a nose and a cover. Many producers and directors in those days planned to bring Nalinikant as a rival to Rajini.

Nalinikanth, who later became popular compared to Rajinikanth, has since faced many problems in his cinematic career. Not only that but in films like Love Love Love and Heart Speaks In the early days Rajini failed to celebrate him after a while because of the style and dress used.

That’s why he stumbled into not being able to take a large place in cinema. He has acted in many films till now. Vijay had last acted as Antony’s father in the film Annathurai.


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