What’s wrong with Keerthi Suresh The latest photos of a 22 year old woman with wrinkled skin


Keerthi Suresh is one of the most important actresses in South Indian cinema. The one who tied everyone up with his beauty in the novel that came to the cinema.

Keerthi Suresh, who soon teamed up with leading actors in Tamil, has teamed up with all the leading actors in Telugu cinema.

Do you remember that recently Keerthi Suresh posted a photo of himself looking miserable to lose his total weight?


Keerthi Suresh is now focusing on gaining weight by eating three to four meals a day.


But the sick should not climb. Next in this category is the Telugu movie Rangude starring Keerthi Suresh. The teaser and lyrics of the movie Rangude have all been well received among the fans.


Famous Telugu actor Nitin has acted as a couple. Keerthi Suresh’s recent photoshoot for the film has shocked fans.


Keerthi Suresh, who was once the dream girl of young fans, is now being criticized for appearing in a surprisingly old year.


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