A small change in the mosquito’s gene … hope to prevent the spread of malaria!


Researchers have made a small change in the mosquito’s gene that transmits the malaria parasite, preventing the parasite from growing in its stomach. Researchers hope that this will completely stop the spread of malaria in the future.

Malaria remains a major challenge in tropical countries. The parasite, which is transmitted by mosquitoes, can stay in the liver of humans and cause side effects. Despite many attempts to eradicate mosquitoes, they have become malignant and continue to spread malaria.

In this case, the hope is that genetic modification will put an end to the spread of malaria. Researchers are trying to find a way to produce genetically modified mosquitoes. Research is underway to control the proliferation of mosquitoes that transmit malaria through this study, and then to prevent the transmission of the parasite Plasmodium vivax.

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Even if these researches are successful, they plan to study and publish the possibilities of what kind of effects can be caused by the release of these mosquitoes.

Astrid Hormon, an associate researcher at Imperial College England, said: “Genetically modified mosquitoes are believed to control malaria. We plan to study the pros and cons of releasing these mosquitoes in countries where malaria is most prevalent. ”

Parasites that cause malaria develop in the gut of mosquitoes. Therefore, a mutation in the gene has been made to prevent it from developing in the gut. Plasmodium vivax parasites do not develop in the stomachs of mutated mosquitoes.

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Another genetic modification has been made to reduce the rate at which Anopheles mosquitoes produce. There has been progress in that as well. Researchers say that when these genetically modified mosquitoes are produced, malaria can be prevented in the future.


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