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We have given some tips to keep the body fit and live longer. These include diet, lifestyle and exercise. Here are some home remedies that experts say can help keep your body in shape:

1. Seafood to keep the skin from aging

Eating fish three times a week can reduce skin wrinkles and sagging by up to 30 percent. This is because seafood is rich in nutrients such as protein, minerals and omega-3 fats. It refreshes the collagen and keeps the muscles supple. Salmon contains an anti-oxidant called astaxanthin. This will reduce the appearance of wrinkles on your skin.

2. Green tea to relieve stress

Ingredients in green tea can help your brain use blood sugar as fuel. It also promotes the production of endorphins, a hormone that promotes energy efficiency. So the next time the energy capacity decreases, drink a cup of green tea.

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3. For a solid heart

Walnuts Cardiologists recommend eating 5-6 walnuts daily. It also halves the risk of chest pain. Increases lifespan to 3 years. These crunchy nuts are rich in monounsaturated fats that heal the heart.

4. Yellow for good memory

Experts say that adding turmeric to your diet can boost your memory by at least 30 percent. This is because of the curcumin in turmeric. It is a powerful anti-oxidant that refreshes the brain.

5. Eliminate stress by breathing exercises

Breathe through the abdomen and relieve stress and tension. Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose until 6 counts. Doing so will calm the abdomen and expand it. Hold for 4 minutes, then exhale slowly through the mouth. Do this until 7 counts. Keep doing this until you feel better.

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6. Reduce pain with sleep

Do you often have headaches, back pain, joint pain or other aches and pains? Let go of worry, go and lift. Studies show that if you sleep well, your discomfort will halve in a month. Sleep can increase the production of your growth hormones. So it reduces inflammation and makes the affected tissues heal faster.

7. Cinnamon to control blood clots

According to researchers, adding 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon to your diet daily can help control your blood pressure by 29% or more. Reducing carb absorption in your small intestine.

8. Vegetables increase immunity

If we eat a lot of colorful vegetables, it will protect us from diseases. Carrots, peppers and marrow can boost your immune system. More benefit if there is more color. Coin pigment keeps the airways healthy. So that germs cannot enter inside. And increase the production of immune cells.

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9. Honey to kill germs

Honey contains natural anti-biotics and healing enzymes. So when you are sick, if you take it, you will be cured three days earlier. It also carries germs that cause sinus problems and all kinds of mucus problems.


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