An oil that helps the “tie” beat tires.


For some men, the hair and beard will soon begin to fall out. For those who have such a problem, we will tell you how to make this birch oil


First buy a birch bark, wash it well, wipe it clean and let it dry. There should not be even a drop of moisture on top of this. Then chop the birch bark very finely with the skin, spread it on a cotton cloth and leave it to cool in the shade in your home. If it is dried in the sun, the nutrients in it will be removed. Let the pecans dry in the shade until they shrink.

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If you cut a medium size birch bark and keep it dry, buy 200ml Czech coconut oil and keep it. Put a pan in the oven and pour the oil and heat it, then put the dried birch pieces in it. Then add 1 tablespoon of fennel powder, 1 tablespoon of nelly powder and 1 tablespoon of dill powder to the oil, dry well and remove from the oven. One thing to note is that after putting the birch bark in the oil and drying the kayak well in that oil until it turns black and shrinks, finally add those three powders. Once the oil has cooled well in the iron pan for 4 to 5 hours, strain it on a white cloth and store it in a glass bottle. Just like how you apply coconut oil on your scalp, you need to apply this oil on your scalp daily. . Continuing to use will start to show the difference. You will surely surprise yourself in a month.

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