Applying this on the scalp will solve the problem of youth and your appearance will become younger


Finely grind the henna leaves into small pieces, dry in the shade, soak in coconut oil for a few days and rub it well on the scalp to grow long thick hair. Hyssop leaf reduces excess body heat and cools the eyes.


All the problems related to dandruff, frequent hair loss, puberty and baldness in men can be cured by putting the required amount of henna leaves in distilled coconut oil and rubbing the oil on the scalp.

Women often grind henna leaves in their hands to remove the roughness on the hands and make the hands smooth. Prevents the body from overheating. Reducing stress. Applying henna on the nails of the fingers will prevent the nails from getting damaged.

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Some people develop chronic diarrhea due to a sudden increase in body temperature, eating certain foods that are not good for the stomach, and consuming germicidal foods and water. After grinding the leaves of henna, the leaves are squeezed and filtered. The juice of the leaves of henna is used to cure diarrhea.

Squeeze the juice of henna leaves and henna flowers and young shoots and eat half a teaspoon in the morning and evening to prevent the spread of both leprosy and measles.

Not only women but also men can use henna on their hands and soles to get rid of heatstroke.

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