Are all of these symptoms present? It means you are in danger.


Some of the symptoms can tell us in advance that most diseases are coming. Let’s look at those symptoms.


If our face suddenly gets itchy or itchy, it means that the next time you have a severe hair loss problem. Symptoms like this can appear if the hair is not cleansed.
If you have frequent abdominal pain, keep your fingernails clean. If the fingernails are not clean we will notice such symptoms. –
If there is itching in the eyes or nose areas then problems like cold and sneezing will come. It is best to save this before it comes.
Excessive tingling in your ear area means that you have a fever. The body must take the necessary rest. If there is a black band on the folds of your wrists as well as the neck and legs, there is a sign of disease. Next you are more likely to have poor health and stagnant energy in the body.
If the body suddenly secretes too much insulin and becomes hungry, it means that the body’s energy is stagnant.
For some people, the rash may be more pronounced on the feet. Too much footwork like this means that the organs in the body are getting hotter and getting more pressure. This problem will go away if the body is made to achieve cooling.
Excessive pain in the joints, knees, and wrists means that the body is gaining weight. It is good to do the necessary exercise.

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People who have a lot of pain in the spine, hip area or those who suffer from daily pain is often advised to drink cow’s milk. Bones are weakened due to lack of calcium and fiber. That is why these troubles are coming. Decreased hydration and oil content in the body can lead to problems such as skin peeling on the hands and feet, dry lips and cracking.
If there is unnecessary pressure and gas accumulation in the body, you will feel tight in places like back, heels, shoulders. If there is a black line on the upper part of the nails on the finger it is better to do forced exercise. These indicate that the heart is not getting enough nutrients.

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