Are you serious about the corona vaccine? Read this ..


Dr. Rajiv Jayadevan, one of India’s foremost medical experts, and Dr. Srinath Reddy, Chairman of the Public Health Foundation of India, have answered some questions about the corona vaccine.

Question 1:. Why do some people die after the first dose, or suffer from corona?

Professor Srinath Reddy: The purpose of the vaccine is to prevent virus attack and death. Immunity begins to develop within two weeks,. Only two weeks after the second dose, called the booster dose, do the immune system develop a virus-resistant immune system that can prevent mild infections in a few individuals.

The mask should be worn after the first dose of Govit-19, and can be prevented by hand washing, social space and avoiding crowds.

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Dr. Rajiv Jayadevan: The body’s immune system is fully developed two weeks after the second dose. So, people can get sick before they reach it.

Question 2.: After two doses, does it mean that Covit-19 is not contagious?

Professor Srinath Reddy: No. But for some it may be a mild illness or asymptomatic. The risk of serious illness and death is greatly reduced even if you are affected.

Dr. Rajiv Jayadevan: Even after getting the full vaccine, mild infections can occur and that is why people are advised to follow the epidemiology.

Question 3:. Should I still wear a mask after getting vaccinated?

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Professor Srinath Reddy: Yes. If you do not wear a mask, the virus can infect you (even with mild or no symptoms). Also, you run the risk of spreading the virus to others. Therefore, you should wear a mask to prevent yourself from getting infected and spreading to others.

Question 4: How long does it take for the immune system to develop?

Professor Srinath Reddy: Immunity develops several weeks after vaccination. So after taking the second dose, it is better to wait for two weeks for the immune system to develop.


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