Athi Madhuram, which has the miraculous quality of making women mothers next month


Licorice and grapes are both equally powdered, taken in 100 g, ground in water, mixed with milk and eaten for five days after the onset of menstruation in women, women can conceive. Expect good results if you eat for 3 months until pregnancy.

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Those who are not breastfeeding enough will secrete more breast milk if they mix one gram of licorice extract with milk and eat it with a little sweetness. This will give the baby extra nutrition.

Licorice and cumin can be weighed and powdered, 20 g of powder boiled in 200 ml of water and boiled to 100 ml.

Many women who carry a baby in their womb will want to have a baby in a safe delivery. For women who have had labor pains, take 40 gms of the licorice and fennel herbs, powder them well and then mix the powder in a little warm water and give it only twice a day after the onset of pain.

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Some people suffer from ulcers in the stomach and intestines due to not eating breakfast. Put licorice powder in water, mix well, soak overnight and drink it with rice porridge in the morning. Ulcer ulcers in the stomach and intestines can be cured.


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