Bridal tomatoes that make married life better


Marital Tomato Eating Can Make Marriage Better!

What is the relationship between wedding tomatoes and marital well-being?

Spinach has the power to cure stomach ulcers. Add spinach to your diet 3 days a week. If spinach is not available, buy leeks in stores and fry it in gravy broth and eat it daily. It has the power to cure stomach ulcers.

We have given some alternative foods to those who have ulcers who do not get bridal tomatoes.

Coconut milk:

If you drink a tumbler of coconut milk daily, your stomach will cool down and the ulcers will heal quickly. Include coconut in your daily diet.

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If you continue to eat green bananas, the thin membranes in the intestines will grow back quickly and the ulcers will heal.


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