Can corona be spread by those who are vaccinated against corona?


Doctors say it is better to get the corona vaccine. Many people go to public places with masks, social gaps, etc., saying that they have no chance of getting corona infection just because they are vaccinated against corona. Doctors say this is a very wrong trend.

So far nine vaccines have been introduced into the corona worldwide and have been successfully put to the general public. Experts say that this has reduced the spread of corona. But experts warn that this could lead to the development of asymptomatic patients and the spread of corona through them.

By the first dose of the corona vaccine, only 50 percent of us survived the corona infection. After the second dose it increases to 95 percent. So, we got vaccinated so we should not be unaware that the corona will not spread.

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We may not be infected by the vaccine. But, there is a high chance of corona spreading from us to others. Therefore, for our own safety and the safety of others, even when vaccinated, we should wear a face mask, adhere to social space, and periodically clean our hands with disinfectant.

Some people are newly infected with the corona virus, so it is doubtful whether they can be vaccinated. This suspicion is justified. We have found a vaccine for the corona virus. Although malignant, it is also a corona virus. If malignancy is present it can be assumed that the existing corona is coming in disguise. Immunity does not betray everything in disguise. The immune system does the work of identifying the corona and preventing it. Therefore, corona vaccination can be done without hesitation.

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Do not be unaware that we will not get corona because of vaccination. It is important for everyone to follow the corona prevention guidelines as there is a possibility of spreading it to others through us!


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