Can speak English Asia while intoxicated! Information in the study

We have noticed that drunkards engage in many strange acts that no one else does. For example, on a busy road, he would lie down comfortably and restlessly. A few would have been lying in the sewer with a strong stench. And if some people get drunk, they will keep talking like they know everything.

Similarly one study says that many people speak English fluently without knowing them when they are drunk. The same people, without alcohol, are reluctant to speak English. But when the same people are drunk, there is no shame or anxiety in speaking English.

So because of this, some people start speaking fluent English after drinking  alcohol. | NewsCrab

When a person drinks alcohol, he can speak English without hesitation compared to normal human beings. Researchers at the University of Liverpool, the College of England and the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands conducted a study on the ease of learning other languages ​​while intoxicated. At the end of the study it was found that increasing linguistic proficiency by drinking alcohol.

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The study was conducted with 50 Germans taught Dutch. Some of these were given alcohol. And some were given just plain soft drinks. After drinking these, both parties instructed the Dutch people to speak Dutch. The drinkers pronounced the words correctly. There is no hesitation in speaking that language between them. According to research, people who generally say that it is difficult to speak another language can easily learn another language if they learn by drinking.

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