Do all this to deal with the scorching sun


Summer has begun. Agni star, Veil has started to burn before the scissors Veil everything comes. Unable to cope with the heat, many are now paralyzed in their homes. Let’s find out how to deal with the sun safely!

What to wear?

Wear light colored clothes in summer. Darker colors like black attract the sun. It will give more heat inside. Excessive sweating. Therefore, it is better to wear light colored clothes.

Wear cooling glasses that are safe for the eyes when going out. It blocks the UV radiation from the sun. The UV resistance of a cooling glass should be between 90 and 100.

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When going out, you can wear a hat that does not cover the head and body. It keeps the head cool and prevents the effects of sun exposure on the face.

How to retain body moisture?

There is nothing wrong with drinking a little extra water during the summer. Avoid water in the fridge. Going out in the sun and suddenly drinking too much cold water can make the body vulnerable. Therefore, you can drink water at room temperature or in a clay pot.


Juice can be taken with the exception of carbonated beverages. You can take summer fruit, watermelon and lemon juice. It is better to just take the juice without adding sugar. This will prevent extra calories from entering the body.

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Avoiding coffee, tea and alcohol can help keep the body hydrated. Drinks containing caffeine and alcohol can reduce dehydration.

In summer, it is better to avoid foods that are high in salt and spices. It expels water from the body as sweat.

Eating summer vegetables and fruits that are high in water, such as cucumbers and watermelons, can help prevent dehydration. The body will also be healthy. Above all it is best to avoid going outside from 11am to 3pm.


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