Do not drink Poison-Padiccha milk powder mixed with milk


Cows graze garbage in India. Thus ingesting toxins. This affects the quality of the milk. Dairy owners add toxins for their part. Milk is mixed with water, urea and caustic soda. Toxins are mixed in the synthetic dyes used in dairy products. Toxic archime oil can be used to make cottage cheese. Its long-term use can cause kidney and liver damage

Abdominal bloating

The addition of carbon to protect the nature of the milk can also be harmful. So be vigilant in natural foods as well.

Ways to use dairy products

Refrigeration: Dairy products should be refrigerated. “Milk can spoil easily if it is in a wet place. Cheese and yoghurt ferment more in hot weather due to germs, ”says Dr. Saini.

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Beef milk contains lactose. This lactose can cause irritation in the digestive system. Thus causing flatulence.

This is an unbearable feeling that occurs in the stomach. This causes a feeling of vomiting.

Lactose in milk can cause stomach irritation and nausea. It is a type of lactose intolerance. This can cause digestive problems immediately after consuming milk or milk products.

rBGH is injected into the cows to give more milk to the genetically engineered synthetic hormone recombinant bovine somatotropin

Thus, drinking milk has been shown to increase the risk of breast cancer. Breast cancer is more common in women. One in eight women is at risk for breast cancer. Drinking the milk of these injected cows can cause breast cancer.

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This is the condition that occurs when the stomach is full. The stomach will also be swollen at this time.

Stomach upset is one of the side effects of high levels of lactose in cow’s milk. This condition occurs when it passes through the colon without being properly digested. When the small intestine is unable to produce enough of the enzyme lactose needed to break down lactose, another type of lactose intolerance occurs.

Disinfection: “Boiling milk is the best way to kill germs without any change in its taste and texture.

Buy: It is better to buy packaged sterilized cheese, yogurt, milk. If the taste is not good, do not use.

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Safety: Keep the milk in a dark place.

Freezer: Milk can be kept in the freezer for up to six weeks. But, after melting it loses its softness. Skimmed milk is ideal to keep in the freezer.


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