Do not soak it overnight and it will keep the relationship fresh.



Soaking almonds is healthier for our body than eating them as they are because soaked almonds are soft and easily digestible. Moreover, soaking and eating in this way helps our body to absorb their nutrients in the best possible way. Almonds can be soaked overnight and eaten in the morning.

It is recommended to remove the outer skin of the almond and eat it. This is because, as there is an enzyme inhibitor in the skin, it can affect the absorption and digestive process. You can eat eight to ten almonds a day.

Some health benefits of almonds

-Help to improve marital relationship

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– Almonds help to reduce body weight.

– These help keep your heart healthy.

– Helps us in the digestive process.

– Stimulates hair growth.

– Used to enhance your memory.

– These help reduce bad fats.

– Helps to improve blood sugar levels.

– Increases brain function

– It is good for your skin

Studies have shown that eating a small amount of almonds before going to bed or during the day can improve sleep. It is rich in melatonin, a sleep-regulating hormone, and the mineral magnesium, which promotes sleep. They can lead to longer and deeper sleep.

It also enhances the function of the amino acid tryptophan which has soothing effects on the brain and nerves. Sleep deprivation due to it can be avoided. Almond milk has the ability to promote sleep. .


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