Do not soak it overnight and shake the relationship powder


Do not soak it overnight and shake the relationship powder

Dried grapes are rich in vitamins B, C, folic acid, iron, potassium and calcium. Soak 10 raisins in a tumbler of water and mix it with water the next morning to cure kidney infections. Boil the same raisins in water and drink it to cure intestinal ulcers. Relieving body heat

Dried grapes are widely used. Put raisins in milk and drink distilled water to regulate heart rate.

Those who suffer from body heat, add 15-20 raisins in a liter of water and boil the water and then let it cool. If you drink this water throughout the day and consume grapes, the body heat will soon subside.

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Women during menstruation may suffer from abdominal pain and excessive bleeding. Such people can get rid of menstrual problems if they eat soaked raisins daily.

Dried grapes contain vitamin A, which is good for the eyes. Not only that, if those who wear glasses continue to eat, their visual impairment will be eliminated and their vision will improve.

Dryness can be easily cured by adding pepper to raisins and eating it. Eat ten raisins a day for three consecutive months and you will notice many changes.

Constipation can be cured by boiling raisins and mixing them with honey. Just put raisins in the milk and drink distilled milk for a good night’s sleep. Raisins help to increase the level of hemoglobin in the body and cure anemia. If men suffer from erectile dysfunction, they should consume a handful of raisins daily. Are also the solution to the bone related problem. Dried grapes are high in calcium, which is essential for bone strength

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Dry Grapes benefits in Tamil

Aging and malnutrition in the body also cause eye vision problems and related diseases in some people. For those who eat raisins daily, this will eliminate the disadvantages. Some people get fever due to overheating of the body and external infections. Eating raisins three times a day at such times will help the body regain the energy lost by fever.


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