Do women like you? Read this and check it out



Ugly speakers

Women do not want to date men who have this quality. Because if they have this quality, they will use bad word, even if it is scolding for any small thing. So avoid continuing the relationship with men who use such bad words.

Those who are like that with many women

Just because women have the idea that these good-natured men are just used to meeting needs, they also hate to befriend these kind of good men

Those who say that men cannot be equal to women.

Women cannot be attracted to men with such qualities. And avoid associating with these virtuous men.

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Women do not like drinkers. That’s not to say it doesn’t like to be clean. But that’s because you can’t live happily with such people for the rest of your life if you drink every day.

Those who are lonely

Being lonely, it’s nice to have both of you speak well of the mind. It would be so cruel to think that there should always be only two people to go anywhere for that. So do not like men with such temperament. So when you go to some places you have to go with friends too.


Psycho hates to be with good-natured men. Because men with such traits are just as dangerous as they are affectionate.

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For those who are very selfish among men, love will not last. Because if such people always think of themselves, which woman would she like?


There can be no doubt if the relationship is to last long. It destroys the relationship and earns hatred. So women do not like men with these qualities.

Work is important

That’s what it takes to go to work to make life better. But women will hate such men even if they are always thinking about work for it and not even spending a little time happily with the partner.

Those without romance

Women love romance. But if the man in love does not have romance, then it will lead to fights and divisions between the two.


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