Do you know this local oil vacca, any local remedy?


There are acupuncture points in every part of our body. The most important of these is our umbilical cord. It is through this umbilical cord that food passes from the mother to the baby in the womb. They have found that putting three drops of coconut oil, or lamp oil, on the navel before going to bed at night can cure many ailments in our body.

According to it, our liver will be strengthened, eyes will get new light. Knee pain, tremors, etc. will be healed. And our lips will be shiny.

In the villages, people used to put oil on the navel and massage it when it was a small child. This may have been realized by those who came from the village. It contains many medical facts.

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In some places, the navel is rubbed with a large amount of powder oil for babies. It corrects problems such as babies’ abdominal pain and makes the skin glow.


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