Do you know what food a baby boy wants to eat?


It is known that your particular diet can have a dramatic effect on your baby’s gender

One study found that women who ate a high-calorie breakfast were more likely to conceive a baby boy

Another thing is that increasing your potassium and sodium intake and eating less calcium can help improve the growth of a baby boy. Eating salt was once a home remedy to produce male offspring. Increasing your sodium intake will definitely improve your chances of having a baby boy while pregnant.

Bananas: Bananas are high in potassium, so if you eat them, you are more likely to have a baby boy. Because potassium is the sperm that goes into the uterus, it helps to produce a male child. So for those who want a baby boy, it is better to consume 2 bananas a day.

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Because the male fetus needs more nutrients to develop, it is more likely that a baby boy will be born if the nutrient-rich cherries are taken for breakfast. Mushrooms are the most essential nutrient for vitamin D for good healthy sperm. Due to the high content of such vitamin D and potassium in mushrooms, if couples add it to their diet, it will help in giving birth to a baby boy.

Seafood: Zinc-rich foods can greatly help increase sperm count and health in men. Also, the more male sperm enter the uterus, the more likely it is that the male child will be born. So it is better for men to take more seafood which is rich in zinc.

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Foods rich in sodium and potassium can also help with the birth of a baby boy. So bring plenty of salty foods rich in sodium before conceiving. It is important to stop taking salty foods if you are pregnant. Otherwise the blood pressure will increase during pregnancy.

Tomatoes are also rich in sodium and potassium. It is also rich in vitamin C. Thus they maintain a constant level of pH in the body and help in the birth of a baby boy.


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