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Once upon a time there were some people in a town who were addicted to alcohol .But today there are some people who do not drink .Alcohol has become a part of the society today.


When we drink alcohol, our stomach absorbs a small amount. Most are absorbed by the small intestine. That’s why it takes a while to get addicted to alcohol after eating.

Depending on the nature of the alcohol, how fast our body absorbs it will vary. For example, whiskey, brandy, and vodka are absorbed faster than beer.

The alcohol thus absorbed will immediately mix with our blood and begin to flow throughout the body. At the same time, our organs begin to work harder and harder to get rid of it.

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The kidneys, for their part, excrete some of the alcohol into the urine. The lungs, for their part, excrete some alcohol into the air.

And the liver, for its part, converts most of the alcohol into acetic acid. With so many elements struggling to get rid of that alcohol, what if we drank more alcohol faster than that?

That is why those elements quickly weaken and become inactive. This is a kind of suicide attempt.

The alcohol that mixes with the blood and travels through the body goes on a journey to our brain.

So for some people, sleep deprivation comes with sleep. Memories blunt. Even events that took place just before will not be remembered. Can’t run fast. They stumble and pour the wine in their hands and stare at it, the body does not cooperate, the level stumbles. Some people have blurred vision, hearing, taste, touch, etc.

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Still others will become more talkative or more angry. Otherwise he will be more emotional. For some people, speech impediment can be debilitating. No external stimuli affect him. Can’t stand up, can’t walk. May cause vomiting. The memory may escape.

For some people, the body goes cold and the breathing decreases. For some, the heart rate decreases and they are more likely to die. Can we still touch the alcohol that gives so much trouble to the body?


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