Don’t want to go to the Corona Clinic page? Add these dishes to the kitchen.


There are ten super foods that keep our body safe from many infections ranging from the corona virus to the Ebola virus. We have listed those ten super foods that prevent the spread of this virus.

Garlic is used to treat many ailments, from worms in the gut and from headaches to cancer. Poon plays an enormous role in the production of cholesterol, which is good for the body.
Onions prevent the toxins that cause colds, cancer and heart disease. Increases the body’s immune system to prevent infection.
Beta carotene in carrots helps in immunity. Carat is especially good for stimulating the immune system to function well in our skin and mucous membranes.

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Oranges, which are rich in vitamin C, fight airborne and waterborne infections and destroy them without entering the body. Lemon juice can be drunk when oranges are not available.

Vitamin E in nuts such as almonds and peanuts stimulates white blood cells to function better. Thus increasing immunity.
Wheat bread:
The spleen, which helps the nervous system and brain to function well and produce new cells, boosts the immune system. Pyridoxine (b4), a vitamin found in wheat bread, also helps the thymus gland to function faster.

Shrimp and Crab:
Zinc salt in them helps in preventing disease and infection by dead cells. So, come and eat one of these one day a week.

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The magnesium salt in tea acts like a country’s army in protecting immune cells from extinction. Drinking a cup of hot tea can prevent infection.
Calcium and magnesium in dairy products, including cheese, along with salt help the body’s immune system to function efficiently.
Glutamine, an acid in cabbage, helps intestinal ulcers heal many times faster. . Cabbage, which boosts the immune system, has the potential to prevent cancer.
Seven of the above foods should be included in our diet daily. Doing this will reduce the cost of our medical care.


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