Drinking too much coffee can cause heart damage! Information in the new study


Many people do not start the day without coffee when they wake up in the morning. The coffee craze is high for most people. One is that drinking more than two cups of coffee is a favorite for some. Drinking too much coffee can cause cardiovascular problems, according to a new study.

Researchers at the Australian Center for Precision Health at the University of South Australia have studied the effects of coffee consumption. They looked at the effects of drinking six cups or more of coffee a day.

Drinking coffee is not a bad thing. It only ends dangerously when overdone. There are a number of studies around the world on whether drinking coffee is good or bad. The Australian University also conducted a study in that regard. This study looked at whether excessive coffee consumption causes any changes in genetic levels, and whether it is related to the formation of fat and cholesterol.

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Researchers have found that people who drink large amounts of coffee have a difference in total cholesterol levels called lipid profile, which increases their risk of heart disease. The more coffee we drink, the higher our lipid profile will increase. This is said to be due to the molecule caffeistol in coffee.

Professor Hipponen, a member of the study group, said: “Coffee is controversial because it is close to everyone’s heart. Our study has made it clear that drinking large amounts of coffee is not good for the heart. This can make it difficult for people who already have heart problems. To protect ourselves, it is better to cut down on coffee. ”

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