Eat this toast so that none of you are teased.


Adding three teaspoons of green peas a day to the diet of growing children and adults will strengthen the brain! Memory will increase. So no one will tease you as forgetful and Ghajini. Green peas contain three times more phosphorus than marjoram, which will increase the intelligence of children many times.


Many people make fun of people who are skinny, they need to add green peas to their diet to put flesh on their body during the day and grow with body pain. Green peas also provide energy to the body.

Green peas also give strength to the lungs and heart. So, cook and eat a handful of other vegetables daily as a medicine. Thus preventing diseases involving the heart and lungs. Green peas should be included in the diet frequently to prevent infertility in men.

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One-third of the nutrients in green peas are found in dried peas. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. So, use green peas more. Phosphorus is found in green peas. Thus if mentally ill people eat 100 grams of green pea chunks daily they will recover quickly and no one will tease them.


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