Eating Disorders Ways to Avoid Relationships


Foodborne infections are caused by eating old spoiled food that contains bacteria. After eating it, it enters the body and causes infection. The stomach gets spoiled by the infection. If the stomach gets spoiled, it affects our brain. So the feeling of anger leads to quarrels with family and friends. Thus, the relationship is spoiled.

Diseases are spread through food due to improper food preparation methods, safety measures and poor hygiene at home.

What are the causes of waterborne diseases?

Waterborne diseases are caused by germs in drinking water bodies and by the mixing of animal and human wastes in drinking water bodies.

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What are the major diseases transmitted through food and water?

Typhoid, jaundice, and cholera are spread by unclean water.
Doctors say that if food and water are clean and hygienic, such diseases will not be spread.


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