Enough to boost your body’s oxygen!


Corona exposure is on the rise in India. They are fighting against the lack of oxygen on the one hand and the lack of medical services on the other. However, many people are isolated at home without going to the hospital.

The health department has said that if the person who is isolating himself at home finds out that you probably have shortness of breath and some lack of oxygen in the body, you can dispose of it and increase it. According to the Federal Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the face and abdomen should lie down.

Disposal is a clinically acceptable condition to improve breathing and oxygen circulation

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It can be useful for relationship patients with respiratory problems, especially when isolated at home.

Avoid dumping for an hour after eating. You can dump as many rounds as they can at their convenience for as long as 16 hours. Make sure there is no pressure on the injured area. Be careful around mainly the bone areas.

The importance of dumping

Discharge improves respiration by opening the small air chambers in the lungs and making breathing easier.

Disposal is required only when the patient has difficulty breathing and when the oxygen level in the blood drops to 94. It is important to monitor blood oxygen levels, body temperature, blood pressure and blood sugar levels at regular intervals

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Missing the oxygen cycle can make the situation worse

Timely dumping and maintaining good ventilation can save many lives.

Whereas those who are pregnant, those who have a large heart problem, those who have problems including spinal problem or hip fracture should avoid dumping. Similarly, do not lie down for 48 hours after receiving a blood clot treatment.


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