Feed your baby to keep him from crying, even if he cries.


We can provide our children with the essential nutrients through yogurt and ghee in our home. By giving ghee to our children our children will be better fattened. We also get the nutrients our children need. So we need to feed it daily to secrete good fats in the bodies of our children.


All the lentils on the grocery list such as lentils, mustard lentils, sea lentils and lentils are suitable for children to eat every day. In addition to these, soybeans can be added to lentils, rajma, legumes, peanuts, peas as a daily variety. Do not allow children to spend even a day without these legumes. You can make them into your usual gravy or even boiled or roasted alone. All of these are on the list of protein rich foods. These are the things that can build the basic physical strength of children.

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A variety of greens are in circulation in India. There are about 60 varieties of edible only. In them you can give your children their favorite flavored greens to eat together, fried or mashed throughout the week. If children do not want to eat greens alone, they can get used to stuffing them with chapati and puri.


You may have seen the walnut. Its shape is almost like a human brain. One handful of walnuts alone contains 2.6 grams of omega 3 fatty acids. It plays a very important role in increasing the performance of the human brain. Walnuts also play an important role in boosting the human immune system and regulating heart function.

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We can give our children the calories they need through sugar beets and potatoes. The vitamins in it help to boost the immunity of our children


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