Figs that make the doctor forget about home.


Many of us are not likely to know about the medicinal properties of figs. . Let’s take a look at the benefits of eating a fig every day.

dry fig fruit benefits in tamil

Many of us have the urge to lose weight. Those who think so can get a good solution if they eat this fig every day. These dried figs are high in fiber. It is also low in calories. So you can get less fat. Thus reducing body weight.

Dried figs are high in fiber. So eating 3 or 4 figs daily provides the body with the required fiber and thus eliminates digestive problems. And this will eliminate the problem of appetite

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Figs are high in vitamin C and vitamin E. And figs have more antioxidants than any other fruit. .So gives energy to our body.

If you eat a fig every day, it will be the solution to this blood pressure problem as it has high levels of potassium.

Figs are high in anti-oxidants and can be a good medicine for cancer. It protects us by preventing cancer cells from entering our body.

This fig fixes the blockage in the blood vessels so that the blood flows smoothly to the heart. So we can take care of heart related problems.

Figs give good strength to the bones in our body. A fig contains 3% calcium. So it is good for bones.

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