Five foods that women should take daily


A healthy body needs a balanced diet. Incorporating certain foods into the daily diet can improve health. Women who look after everyone in the family from husband to child do not have to worry about their health. To avoid this you can maintain good health by including one to five types of foods in your diet daily.


Greens are a favorite food of many. But, it is better to include it in the daily diet as it is a nutritious food. Lettuce is rich in iron, potassium and magnesium. Lettuce can cure menstrual problems (MS) in women. The calcium in it strengthens the bones. Controls sugar intake and protects against asthma attacks.

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Flax seeds, also known as flax, contain omega-3 fatty acids. This helps in controlling the blood sugar level. Eating a small amount of flaxseed every day will improve your health. Regulates digestion and prevents irritable bowel syndrome.


Gooseberry contains Vitamin C, A, B and other nutrients. Also high in omega 3 fatty acid fiber. People who eat gooseberries daily do not have digestive problems. Gooseberry can be eaten daily to avoid this as women are more prone to stomach related problems including constipation. Gooseberry is good for eye sight. Ensuring heart health as well.


It is good for females to take two chicken eggs daily. If you can not eat one. This will also improve their overall health. Eggs are high in protein and calcium. All this is necessary to improve the health of women. This will reduce body weight and strengthen the body and bones. Helps hair grow healthier.

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It is common for women to suffer from anemia due to iron deficiency. Fruits including pomegranate which contain iron should be taken to stimulate blood production. Pomegranate regulates blood flow. Eating a pomegranate daily will keep the body organs healthy from top to bottom.

Adding the above mentioned foods to the daily diet is no big deal. Doing this will improve your health!


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