Foods high in fiber that control sugar levels


Fiber-rich foods are essential for the proper functioning of the digestive tract. Fiber is not absorbed by the body like other nutrients. Fiber helps the food to reach the rectum without staying in any part of it at any stage during digestion. Along with that it is helpful in many ways to lose weight, control blood sugar level and avoid constipation.

​Dietary Fibre: Health Benefits, Best Sources of Fibre and More

Dietitians say you need about 14 grams of fiber per 1000 calories a day. We take in approximately 1800 to 2000 calories. If so, 28 grams of fiber is needed. Many people in the country are suffering from many diseases because it is not even available. Learn about high-fiber foods

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100 grams of pear contains 3.1 grams of fiber. Strawberries contain about 2 grams. 100 grams of apples contain 2.4 grams of fiber. Bananas contain 2.6 grams of fiber.

Carrots contain 2.8 grams of vegetables. Carrots are also rich in nutrients including Vitamin A and K. Beetroot is rich in iron, copper and potassium and contains 2.8 grams of fiber. Spinach contains 2.2 grams and tomatoes 1.2 grams of soluble fiber.

Legumes contain 7.3 grams of fiber. Kidney beans contain 6.8 grams of fiber, peas 8.3 grams, chickpeas 7 grams and black beans 8.7 grams.

Oats contain 10.1 grams, popcorn 14.4 grams, almonds 13.3 grams, coconut 9 grams, pistachios 10 grams and walnuts 6.7 grams of fiber.

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Fiber is essential for lowering cholesterol, sugar levels, maintaining a healthy body weight, maintaining proper digestion, and preventing certain types of cancer. Let’s stay healthy by eating high-fiber foods!


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