Get rid of these symptoms and find out the disease that is lurking in your body


Swelling around the eyes:

This indicates that the kidneys are bad. The kidneys work to remove waste products from the body. If they do not work properly, the dirty water entering the body will not be able to get out. These accumulate around the eyes and cause swelling around the eyes.

To correct this you need to reduce the amount of salt added to the diet. And drinking plenty of water can help the kidneys to work properly.

Psoriasis of the skin

This may be due to the presence of heart disease. You may be diagnosed with heart disease, especially if it occurs on the skin next to the ears. But doctors say they still do not understand why the skin thickens in that area.

Excessive stress can lead to heart attack. Trying to keep the mind light-hearted and approaching problems in a good way will avoid this.

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The skin turns pale yellow

This is a sign of liver disease. When the liver is affected, the body is unable to excrete yellowish fluids such as bile. Thus the skin turns yellow.

This type of liver problem is caused by too much alcohol. If you have a drinking problem, it is best to stop immediately.

Only the foot is numb

Vulnerability to diabetes. Diabetes affects the cells in the blood and inhibits the work of the nerves. The result is that sometimes the irritation or pain caused by rubbing the sandals on the feet can not even be felt.

For this, drinking black tea or green tea can lower the level of glucose in your blood and control your diabetes a little. Obesity is also a major cause of diabetes. So it is important to take care not to gain weight.

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Lower back pain:

There are many reasons for this. Problems with the knee, stem north damage, and kidney stones can be cited as many causes. There will be back pain even if you do not drink the required amount of water. The cushion-like structure of the cord depends on the amount of water.

Suddenly angry:

Does it make some people suddenly angry? Do you regret later why we behave like this? It may be due to something stressful that is suppressed in the mind. Leaving it as it is can cause physical harm. So find the cause and seek redress.

Multiple impact:

Many people regret hearing from a dentist that the enamel on their teeth has suddenly worn out. They may have toothache and inability to drink cold or hot drinks. This is due to the ‘acid’ in the stomach, ie heartburn.

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Many people can feel the effects of this heartburn. Appropriate treatment and dietary changes will be taken. Some people may not feel the effects of this acid. When they lie down at night, the acid travels through the esophagus and erodes the inside of the mouth, ie the inside of the teeth. If the enamel on the teeth has worn off, take care of your gut first.


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